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At E.S. Recycling Express Corp. we strive to grow our portfolio by expanding existing businesses and taking additional steps to becoming GREEN. Our unique capabilities provide a foundation to benefit our clients through a combination of environmental principles and economic efficiencies.


We are continually striving to be the leading provider of value added products and services to the non ferrous and e-scrap industries. Increasing the volume and variety of metals and electronics we handle, E.S. will expand into many international markets including the Caribbean, Asia, Mexico, Central and South America.


Responsible and reliable processing and recycling of your materials is extremely important to us at E.S. Recycling Express Corporation.


Purchased electronics go through a strict process to ensure the utmost in safety, cleanliness, and value. Some electronics of value will be reused or refurbished, ensuring the recycling process will re-circulate these materials when possible. Other electronic materials will be sent to certified companies for metal recovery, or disassembled into component parts